Team Suits: Pricing Error and Suit Availability

    Piranha Families —

    Well, the hectic first week of swim is past us and it has been exciting catching up with our old friends and meeting our new families! 

    On Friday night we had our team suit sale which went well with the exception that 9 boys jammers and 9 girls suits were charged at the wrong rate. The Nike Team suits should have been $47.65 for girls after tax and $37.05 for boys Jammers after tax. I contacted the vendor and they recognized the error and are determining the process they are going to use to refund those of us (including me) who paid too much. So, if you were overcharged I ask you to do two things:

    1. Hold on to your receipt and await further instruction from me;

    2. Let me know if you were overcharged and how many suits your were overcharged for so I can compare it to their totals.

    The vendor and I both apologize for the error in pricing and I have made a note to ensure we better publish the cost of the suits for next year.

    Lastly, if you were unable to get a suit and would like one, let me know. If we have 10 or more swimmers who still would like suits, the vendor will come back on June 15th during the ice cream social and prior to our first A meet. If we don’t have 10 swimmers who need a suit, we’ll let you know how to make arrangements with the vendor to get one. 



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