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    Record All-Star Results for Plantations Swimmers!!!

    HI Piranha Families —-

    Just wanted to share the amazing results from our Plantations swimmers this weekend:

    Individual All - Star Meet, Sunday July 28th:

    AJ Navaleza won the MCSL 15-18 boys 100 meter Breaststroke title.  While I do not have the time, I do know that it is a…

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    2019 Season Wrap-up and All-Star Information

    Piranha Families ---

    Thank you to each and every one of you who volunteered your time to help make 2019 a memorable swim season for the Piranhas.  We really cannot do it without everyone helping out, and your hard work allows us to make it a positive experience for all…

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    Banquet Reminder!!


    Good morning everyone!  A quick reminder to sign up for the End of Year Banquet.  The Banquet is scheduled for this Saturday, July 20th at 6pm.  Details:

    WHAT:  End of Year Banquet and Pool Party.  We have dinner, awards, and recognitions from 6pm-8pm and then a pool…

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    Practice Schedule this Week


    Welcome to the last week of swimming for the summer for the full team.  The practice schedule for this week:

    Monday through Wednesday:  Normal morning and evening practices for everyone including pre-team, with the exception of Wednesday PM when we have our last B meet at Flower Hill…

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    A Meet and Team Activity for Week of 1-7 July 2019


    A big shout out to all of our volunteers over the last week It has been a very busy week with 4 meets in 8 days with 3 of those being at home. That requires a lot of effort from our volunteers!!! Everyone who helped out…

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    SPIRIT WEAR Back by Popular Demand


    Many of you, having seen the awesome spirit wear, have asked if there will be another opportunity to purchase Spirit Wear this year. We have worked with the vendor and have re-opened the team store ( and it will be on the team website soon. The…

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    Special Announcement - 3 New Fun Swim Team Event Opportunities!!

    Piranha Family and Friends—-

    There are 3 special announcements we need you to take note of for the coming weeks. All are new for the team and super fun for swimmers and their families! Please review and respond where required:


    Friday, July 12th, at 9:30am


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    Pasta Pig Out and Week #2 A Meet Information


    First I wanted to give a big THANK YOU to everyone who volunteered during the B-Meet at Lake Marion last night.  We needed every single one of you and it made it possible for all of our B-meet swimmers to work on their strokes and improve their…

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    Spirit Wear and Caps!!!

    Piranha Families —-

    If you ordered spirit wear it has arrived!!!   If you would like to wear it for the meet tomorrow Cyndi Gregory will have it at the pool this evening during the ice cream socials.  We have checked all the gear out and it looks awesome!!! 


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    Week of June 10th: Time Trial Make-up and First A-Meet Details


    Thanks to all of our volunteers who helped us get through Time Trials this morning.  We made it through without rain, our new swimmers were able to see how a meet runs, and we were able to shake off the rust after 10 months of not running…

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