Registration Opens Next Sunday, May 1st, 2022!!!

    Hi Piranha Families!!!!!

    We are rapidly approaching the 2022 summer swim season and I have a number of quick notes for you:

    1. REGISTRATION: Registration will open on May 1st.  Our webmaster Kevin has everything ready to go and at 12:01am on the 1st registration should be open.  I did slightly raise the registration fees to cover our coaching staff this season.  The fees are as follows:

          A. For a single swimmer it is $170.

          B. Each additional swimmer is $85 to a family maximum of $340.

    This represents a $20-$40 increase per family.  If for any reason the registration fees are making it difficult for your family to participate please contact me and we will find a way for your swimmers to participate.  We will be having pre-team again this season starting at the end of the school year.  Pre-team swimmers should have participated last year or be 5 and older.  If younger than 5, please see myself and Coach Julia so we can evaluate their ability to handle pre-team requirements.

    2. OFFICIALS TRAINING:  All officials must be re-certified this year.  Like last year, all training is virtual, which makes it a perfect time to be trained.  Go to www.mcsl.org and click on the Officials Certification page to sign up for the session you want.  They opened sign-ups today.  Please get recertified or certify for the first time this year.  We have lots of experienced officials who you can shadow at a meet and learn the ropes.  We cannot have meets without certified officials.

    3. NEW SWIMMERS AND FAMILIES:  If you know of a new family that would like to join our team this summer please encourage them to sign up.  If they have any questions, Cindy Ajamian, Katie Smith and I are always available to answer any questions they have.  We always welcome new families to our summer swim family.

    4. SPONSORS:  If you have been a sponsor, or know someone who would like to sponsor the team this year, please contact Rosie Tomlinson, Chris Tomlinson, or myself.  We would be happy to discuss our sponsorship options with anyone who would like to support the Piranhas.

    5. VOLUNTEERS:  We only have a few volunteer spots vacant, but we have a number of positions (web master, team rep, automation) where we could certainly benefit from adding some depth and training new leaders since many of us are nearing the time our kids will age out.  Please see Cyndi Gregory or Shannon Dietrich if you have any questions about volunteering.  A shout out to Katie Smith, Erica Van Prooyen, Ashley Johnson, Caroline Kettering, and Korinne Panchura who have volunteered to help out in a number of roles this spring.  Thanks everyone!!!!

    6. PARENT MEETING:   We had B league and A league meetings last week and we meet with the Pool Board this week before I go on work travel.  We plan to have meeting with the Volunteer leadership May 5th and then Team Parents on May 12th.  Look for announcements on those meetings as we close in on our first practice on May 31st!!!

    We look forward to seeing you all soon!!

    Mike, Cindy, and Katie

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