Piranhas Open Swim, 8-10pm Sunday

    Piranha Families ——

    So of course I pulled the plug on tonight and it did not rain, which means it definitely will tomorrow. In case it does not, we have the pool from 8-10pm for open Piranha and family swim.  We hope to see you there and we will provide a snack for the kids.  We will  start the evening with a 15 minute slide show Mr. Navaleza put together, it is fantastic.  We will keep pictures rolling throughout the night. 

    In the melee tonight I forgot to mention one thing, and that is our parent support.  If you looked around at every meet,  you saw a ton of Piranha parents there and supporting our team.  It was amazing  every single meet!  I can’t stress enough the involvement of our parents and GRANDparents!!!  It is what makes this little team so special.

    I hope everyone had a great experience and will be back next season.  We love every member of the Piranha family.

    Thanks to the Hughes, Farina, Woodward, Flynn, Patton and other families that helped clean up in an urgent fashion tonight.  We hope to see you all tomorrow night. 

     Coaches, I have one request: a picture with the four of you tomorrow.  You made this season special in so many ways!  Thank you so much!


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