Thank you and See You Next Year

    Piranha Families —-

    Thank you all for a fantastic 2022 summer swim season.  For anyone that did not receive their paper plate, Divisional Ribbons, or team giveaway, Ms. Shannon Dietrich and Coach Julia will be sorting those and Coach Julia will set a day at the pool to come and pick them up.  

    Mr. Navaleza’s slide show is posited on the website for all to see.  Still looking for 2 future Reps, and 1-2 Concession leaders to come aboard and learn next season.  Kurt Panchura has offered to work with Kevin on the website next year!  Welcome aboard Kurt!

    I hope everyone enjoyed the season and we will see you all next summer in Division L!  

    Enjoy the remainder of your summer!!

    Mike, Katie, and Cindy

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