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    Bowling, A-Meet, and Piranha Relays

    Piranha Families ---

    We made it through the first half of this crazy week!  We had a great trip to Beaver Dam on Tuesday, held a successful B-Meet with Lake Marion on Wednesday, and completed the B-Relay Carnival at Quail Valley on Thursday.  A big shout out to our Concessions…

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    Piranha Parents —-

    We need your help filling several volunteer positions tonight.  I still need the following positions filled:

    1 person at automation

    1 Runner

    1 Ribbon Writer

    1 Side Take Off Judge (we are providing an extra take off judge because we could not provide a stroke and turn…

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    DIVISIONAL Shirts Available for Purchase

    Piranha Parents --- 

    For you swimmers who are likely to be in Divisionals or would like a Divisional T-shit they are available for purchase now.  See below for details!


    Order your Divisional T-Shirt Today! Order deadline is July 20 BUT ORDER EARLY to assure your size is available. Orders…

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    Beaver Dam Details and Plans

    Piranhas Play Date (ie NO SWIM PRACTICE!) @ Beaver Dam!

    Point of Contact: Shannon Dietrich; svtdietrich@gmail.com; 703.629.6924 

    Tuesday, July 12

    10820 Beaver Dam Rd, Cockeysville, MD 21030

    Children ages 4-8 must wear a life vest while swimming in quarry (life vests are available for rent on site)


    Optional: Meet

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    PLEASE READ: Week of 11-17 July - A lot of Information


    Julia sent out a great summary of the meet on Saturday.  I wanted to focus on Friday night and the Damascus Parade.  I want to thank Korinne Panchura, Cyndi Gregory, Shannon Dietrich, and David Gonzalez for all of the work to make this event happen.  Most of…

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    THANK YOU!!!

    Piranha Parents ---

    As I know I have said many times this year, we have the best parents in Division M, and I would say MCSL!  Yesterday I put a call out for pop-up tents for this mornings meet and wow did you all deliver.  We had tents to cover…

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    CHANGE OF VENUE: Tuesday, Beaver Dam vice Guppy Gulch

    Piranha Parents ---

    We were trying to do something different this year by going to Guppy Gulch this Tuesday.  Unfortunately, an unforeseen insurance issue with the facility could not be resolved.  I appreciate all the team members who worked to try and figure this out, but after investigating several options…

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    Important Info for Tonight and Tomorrow!!

    Piranha Parents —-

    1. Parade tonight.  It could start thundering as the parade winds down.  Please be ready to claim your children after the parade or walk with them in the parade.  Be prepared for a quick exit!!  Arrive at 5:45pm and look for other Piranhas in their green at…

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    Team Picture, Frenzy, Parade and A-Meet vs. North Creek


    Hi all!!  First things first!  We have the Team Picture, Friday Frenzy, and Damascus Parade tomorrow.  See separate email on the Parade and other details below.


    1. Fourth A- Meet:

    WHEN: Saturday, July 9th @ 9am; warm-ups at 8:00am. Arrive by 7:50am and Check-in…

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    Piranha Families —-

    Information for tomorrow night’s parade!!!  Please wear your Piranha gear and join us!

    Arrival time/location:
     Mr. Gonzalez will be arriving in his truck at 5:30pm to secure our spot in the parade.  Please plan to arrive at 5:45 PM at DHS and look for his  silver Ford…

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